The ACE Template Engine

  • Ace templates have full access to the revel.TemplateFuncs, any function defined in there can be used by the this engine

  • Ace files must be identified by using a shebang on the first line (preferred method) or changing the file extension to home.ace.html.

  • Ace templates can be set to be case sensitive by setting ace.tempate.caseinsensitive=false, default is not case sensitive. If case sensitivity is off internal imports must be done using lower case

  • All function registered in revel.TemplateFuncs are available for use inside the ace framework


Ace is a little different of a templating system, its output is a standard go template but there is no concept of template sets, instead you build a composite template using a base template and an inner template. The inner template can only contain items like :

= content main
  h2 Inner Template - Main : {{.Msg}}

= content sub
  h3 Inner Template - Sub : {{.Msg}}

The base template can contain items like

= doctype html
html lang=en
    meta charset=utf-8
    title Ace example
    = css
      h1 { color: blue; }
    h1 Base Template : {{.Msg}}
      = yield main
      = yield sub
      = include inc .Msg
    = javascript

You are allowed to include one inner template with the base template, to do so in Revel you can extend your controller from the ace controller and call RenderAceTemplate(base ,inner string) which will insert the inner template using the outer template.

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