Use the revel command line tool to create a new application in your GOPATH and run it:

$ export GOPATH="/home/me/gostuff"
$ cd $GOPATH
$ revel new myapp
Revel executing: create a skeleton Revel application
Your application has been created in:

You can run it with:
   revel run -a  myapp

$ revel run -a myapp
Revel executing: run a Revel application
WARN  11:21:51 harness.go:170: No http.addr specified in the app.conf listening on localhost interface only. This will not allow external access to your application 
INFO  11:21:52    app     run.go:32: Running revel server                      
INFO  11:21:52    app   plugin.go:9: Go to /@tests to run the tests.           
Revel engine is listening on.. localhost:40935
Revel proxy is listening, point your browser to : 9000

Notes When you run an application through the command line tool revel it is run as a proxy. That is why you see the revel engine is listening on port X and Revel proxy is listening on port Y.

Open your browser to http://localhost:9000/ to see a notification that your app is ready.

Your Application Is Ready

  • The generated project structure is described in organization
  • The HTTP port settings is in conf/app.conf
  • There are a number of additional commands that can be run for revel see the Revel tool document for a complete list

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